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F. Felicia Ferrara, Ed.S., Ph.D. VE/Diplomate

 Ferrara & Associates, P.A. is a human resource agency that provides specialized services to assist individuals reach a desired goal, explore a career path or fulfill a life dream of achievement and personal success. A wide range of personal issues are addressed in various realms of personal life. Type of services provided includes; educational, vocational, psychological and forensic assessments. Whether the evaluations are mandated by community agencies or the Individual, special accommodations can be made. Self referrals occur if one wants to excel in a chosen career path but a personal obstacle is met.


F. Felicia Ferrara, Ed.S., Ph.D. VE/Diplomate

 Dr. Ferrara has over 30 years experience in conducting evaluations and provided mental health services to clients. She is an avid researcher and has published and written numerous books on mental health matters. Dr. Ferrara is an i
nternational speaker on human service issues and conducted complex research projects for various organizations. As a dedicated professional she continues to strive toward high standards and professional delivery of services for individuals who desire to move from one place to another in life. 

Vocational / Forensic Assessments. As a consultant for the Courts, she is often involved in forensic issues or what others consider, high risk assessment processes be it criminal court, family court, or probate. Child custody, Forensic Vocational Plans, Earning Capacity Estimates or Criminal defense -Miranda Rights, Mitigation Circumstances, etc. 

Educational Assessments for Learning Deficit Diagnosis, Accommodations, etc. . As a retired associate professor she is well versed on requirements for student entry into college level studies and has assisted numerous persons acquire accommodations for standardized tests such as SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT and others.  Developmental Disorders and Learning Deficits are also addressed.

Vocational Assessments are conducted for a variety of reasons.  In case of personal injury, any worker is dismayed when life style changes may occur. The intent is to rehabilitate a person to work toward a new goal. High level executives often need coaching to meet a new challenge in the competitive executive world.

Psychological Evaluations are conducted alone or in connection with other life issues, thus a complex test battery may be required. Often more than one problem must be addressed at the same time. Typically psychologists compile a battery of tests unique to address the client's overall needs. Most processes depend on the referral question presented by the individual or agency serving the client.

Hypnotherapy is an effective counseling tool that assists people to reach new goals when a mindset change is needed. Hypnosis intervention is appropriate for a wide range of skills areas. Student achievement, test anxiety, sports enhancement and habit cessation are all areas of effective expertise.  

Through cognitive and hypnosis therapy individual’s can find new ways to master a specific skill, break a bad habit or journey onto a desired goal.  Hypnosis  is effective to address various personal objectives. Goals are often set to address such problems as overcoming fears, increased focus, stress reduction or even to address significant medical need. need for assertive training, sports enhancement, public speaking, fear of flying, Writer’s block, etc.

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