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Psychological Consults To Enhance Life Events;

Forensic, Vocational, Educational, Alternative Interventions

Psychological Evaluations are often conducted to help identify, explore or diagnose individual concerns, issues or problems. As life stresses mount people often become overburdened and typical cognitive skills may diminish. As mood changes occur so does the way one interacts with loved ones.  If several people in your environment mention a  problem or concern to you, then perhaps something is truly going on. But until one identifies that he or she has a problem, only then can professional intervention occur to help resolve the problem.

The American Psychological Association (APA) requires member psychologists to adhere to strict standards, code of ethics, and federal, state and local statutes. Thus much reinforcement for professional standards are required in the industry.  It is to the client's benefit to use the services of a member APA psychologist. 

Typically psychological assessment involves a battery of tests and various other observations, interactions and interview.  The battery of tests can be comprised of may different tests or instruments which is at the expert opinion of the examiner based on the problems presented.

Reasons for requested assessments are often prompted by a need to assess a person's functioning in various aspects of life.  Some of the reasons fall into specific category of testing such as;
    • Parenting Ability
    • Custody Evaluations
    • Personal safety and wellness
    • Acute or chronic mental health issues
    • Job Requirements
    • Pre  employment Assessments
    • School Readiness
    • College Entry or Continuance
    • Military entry
    • Rehabilitation Services 
    • Drug Induced Mental Health Issues
    • Medical Pre-op for Surgeries, based on the type of surgery
    • Adoption
    • Child Welfare
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Bizarre or Inappropriate Behaviors

Depending on which type of problem presented then various tests are selected and administered. In cases of emergency services needed under Baker Act rule or Florida Marchman Act when family steps in out of concern for a loved one.   While the process is often dreaded, when the client participates recovery is often swift and long standing with medical compliance. 

In Industry, large companies and organizations often require job candidates to undergo various assessments such as in aviation-air traffic controller, police officers, high level managers, etc.

In Educational realms, learning problems can be identified and addressed by psychological evaluation which may address emotional/behavioral problems in children.  At college level, any student candidate with potential learning deficits or mental heath concern may be required to undergo assessment as mandated by college authorities and college entry exam publishers.

  • In Forensic realms, psychological exams are conducted to provide Court members to make enlightened decisions about various elements of a legal case be it, Family Court, Criminal Court, Probate Court or other related matters. 
  • Criminal Courts often require evaluations for Competency to Stand Trial,  Mediation or Sentencing phases of Defendants is common.
  • Family Courts often Court Order an evaluation to make wiser decisions concerning family placements in adoption, child custody, parenting preparation, etc. 
  • Legal Case work is often served by psychologist participation as a direct client evaluate or as a trial consultant to assist with the legal process of; Review of relevant criminal records for psychological content, Jury Selection,  Expert Witness Testimony or Private Work Product Review.  In any case, a similar but different set of procedures applies and specialized test batteries will be used, if any, that correspond to the problems at hand.


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