Ferrara  &  Associates, P.A.

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Psychological Consults To Enhance Life Events;

Forensic, Vocational, Educational, Alternative Interventions

             Professional Speaker

As a professional speaker Dr. Felicia Ferrara has been a member of NSA for  15 years. She is an accomplished educator, psychologist and mental health care provider who  carries a wide range of expertise.
  Presentations delivered at an international level with expert content.

As  a motivational and inspirational speaker,  she often moves audiences to new experiences. She is available for Keynote or break- out sessions.

Presentations are designed to address agency meeting objectives or unique topics relative to stakeholders.  Speeches are  delivered based on  expertise and years of professional services across   the realms of life; Personal, Family, Business, Career, relative to the  search for meaning-as all are relevant. 


        Intra-personal-Interpersonal Issues


Relationship BoBos

Workplace Balance

Healing Cancer thru Spiritual Focus

Power Plays in the Workplace

Career Challenges

The Power of Words

Surviving Life Challenges

Releasing Old Scripts

Finding the Silver Lining

Maximizing Potential

Writing with Organization







 Dr. Felicia Ferrara
Professional Speaker, Psychologist,Researcher, Author

Individualized Programs




References Upon Request

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