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Psychological Consults To Enhance Life Events;

Forensic, Vocational, Educational, Alternative Interventions


 Clinical Hypnotherapy 

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a restful state of mind that you have experienced many times within the daily routine. For instance, when we become so intrigued with a TV program that we are unaware of anything else around us. Or ,when we drive a car from point A to point B, yet are unaware of how we actually got there. If we were to take suggestions in this state, we are most likely to focus deeply on suggestions made. Pre-established goals are directed from the therapist to the client to submit thoughts into the subconscious mind, thereby reinforcing desired goals as set by the client.

Who decides the area of focus and goal setting?

The client always decides which behavior he/she would like to change and final objectives are set with input of both client and therapist. A consult occurs prior to the actual hypnosis induction so all areas of concern are addressed. If significant medical issues are at hand a medical clearance may be required prior to entering the hypnosis session. Suggestions are developed together.   

Range of Problems addressed through hypnosis are non ending, thus any phase of life or event can require  intervention. The following display addresses a few topics where hypnosis can be effective, the list is non exclusive.



Test Anxiety

Memory Enhancement

Study Skills

Test Preparation

Communication Skills


Time Management

ADHD Management

Speech Jitters



Exercise Focus

Injury Recovery

Reaction Time

Game Anxiety

Lapse Time

Play Rehearsals


Increased Focus

Pre Game Relaxation



Board Presentations

Public Speaking

Self Confidence

Interview Rehearsal


Memory Improvement

Time Management

Stress Reduction

Writers Block



Blood Pressure Control

Pain Management

Migraine Headaches


Pre op Preparation

Weight Reduction

Smoking Cessation

Anxiety Reduction

Medical Compliance






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