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Psychological Consults To Enhance Life Events;

Forensic, Vocational, Educational, Alternative Interventions

Forensic Services

Forensic services involve any relevant legal matter that involves psychological complications requiring professional assessments. Consultations may be Court ordered as local statutes require for matters of the Court, or community agencies enforcing a federal or state statute such as in cases of child abuse or other protective matter. Thus, one might be involved in Criminal Court, Family Court, or Probate Court. Various aspects of functioning are assessed which may differ from one another in terms of requirements or standards. The forensic evaluation is held to a much higher standard and specific ethics and professional standards are issued as guidelines through American Psychological Association.  Ongoing training is required to keep abreast of statute changes, case law and federal laws related to specific forensic matters.
In addition to psychological assessments, expert testimony may be required to inform the Court on an area of specialty. If testimony is required, another set of specialized skills are required to speak within legal and professional guidelines and Court processes. Such processes are not for the uninformed psychologist as the standard of service delivery can be grueling. The main intent is to protect the interests of individuals within the guidelines of the legal process but also to assist the judicial authority in rendering an enlightened judgment regarding complications of mental health and welfare. The psychologist may be asked to opine based on factual evidence relevant to diagnoses of mental welfare of the litigant. That opine must be made in consideration of adherence to strict professional standards and in keeping with relevant laws of the jurisdiction.
Services required may vary considerably across cases depending on the matters before the Court. For example, Probate Court may require a competency report for guardianship. This differs from criteria and requirements involved in conducting a psychological exam for Criminal Court, and then again, Family Court may Court Order a psychological exam to assist in mental health fact finding in cases of divorce, child custody, child abuse, domestic violence, adoption or other relevant family matters. In Criminal Court, Defendants may need to be evaluated if a question arises to Competency to Stand Trial, Sentencing or Mitigating Issues relevant to sentencing in high level cases.
Types of services offered here include;

· Psychological Assessments

· Forensic Consults

· Child Custody Evaluations

· Mitigated Circumstances

· Expert Testimony

· Fact Testimony

· Document Review

· Jury Selection

· Private Work Product

Due to the complexity of Legal Case work, all cases are addressed through individual proposal based on case complexity. Please call the office for individual case discussion and proposal.   813-259-0303  and   877-669-0303.
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